More planting!

This is the time for planting, so we have been busy.

We wanted to grow something nice to eat, but decided that veggies might take up a bit too much time – but fruit on the other hand…

So, I have chosen every kind of soft fruit and planted two of each kind – blackberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, gooseberries, rhubarb, loganberries, raspberries – I think that’s the lot.  So – summer pudding, possibly?  Followed by a nice fruit crumble?  I know I have to watch out for the birds though…  but as you can see, I have my trusty Scottish helper to protect my fruit farm for all comers!

DSCF4371 DSCF4372 DSCF4373


The next lot of planting was harder work – so Al volunteered (!).  He has planted twenty laurel hedging plants to create a nice boundary for the campsite pitches – they are already looking quite smart.

IMG_0752 (2) IMG_0753 (2)IMG_0757 (2)